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McMeekin’s Thoughts on Conservation of Our Natural Resources

“I would not stop business enterprise and progress, but I think something should be done to save the beautiful spots of our land from the ruthless despoiler.

Thousand Springs is among the sublime, the wonderful and beautiful scenes of earth and should be preserved in its primeval loveliness as much as possible.

It is an insult to the Creator to deface the things which He has produced for the gratifying and elevating of mankind and I for one raise my voice against their willful destruction.”

McMeekin Journal Entry on Conservation

J.P. McMeekin, a photographer of Hagernian, Idaho thus describes these wonderful springs:

“Of all the wonderful and beautiful scenes of earth there are none, in all probability, more worthy the attention of the lover of the grand and beautiful than Thousand springs. This sublime spectacle is situated in the heart of the great Snake river desert, Idaho, some twenty four miles from Shoshone, a town on the Oregon Short Line, and owing to its isolated position is known but to few; yet it is doubtful whether it has a parallel on the globe. Imagine a cliff or cliffs from two to four hundred feet high, from which for a distance of two miles, at a height varying from ninety to two hundred and eighty feet, rush crystal streams of water forming waterfalls of almost every conceivable form, and you have but a faint idea of this lovely scene. It must be seen to be appreciated, and the senses become even bewildered by its extent and beauty.”

An illustrated history of the state of Idaho by Lewis Publishing Company


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